Recordings and Presentation Files

3 November 2021

9:00-9:30amOpening Ceremony
9:30-10:30am Keynote Session I
11:00am-12:40pmKeynote Session II: Control and Policy Beyond COVID-19
2:00-3:30pmMayors Forum: Re-imaging Healthy Cities Beyond COVID-19
3:45-5:15pmKeynote Session III: Control, Policy and Long COVID


4 November 2021 (Webinar Room 1)

9:00-10:30amStrengthening Preparedness for COVID-19 and Beyond
10:45-12:15pmAge-Friendly Communities Under and Beyond COVID-19
1:00-2:15pmData-driven Planning for Healthy Cities
2:30-3:45pmClimate Change and Health Beyond COVID-19
3:45-5:00pmYouth Leadership in Cities Beyond COVID-19

4 November 2021 (Webinar Room 2)

9:00-10:30amMental Health Under and Beyond COVID-19
10:45-12:15pmPrimary Healthcare Services Beyond COVID-19
1:00-2:15pmSDG Sustainable Cities and Climate Action Beyond COVID-19
2:30-3:45pmPrevention and Control of  Non-Communicable Diseases
3:45-5:00pmFood Safety and Distribution

4 November 2021 (Webinar Room 3)

9:00-10:30amCity Design and Sustainable Environment
10:45-12:15pmHealth in All Urban Policies under COVID-19
1:00-2:15pmTraditional Chinese Medicine and other themes for COVID-19
2:30-3:45pmDevelopment of Smart Cities Beyond COVID-19
3:45-5:00pmeHealth and mHealth Beyond COVID-19


5 November 2021

9:00-10:00amAlliance for Healthy Cities General Assembly (AFHC members only)
10:00-11:30amSymposium I: Risk Communications in Emergencies
11:45-1:30pmSymposium II: Recognition of The Best COVID-19 Global Community Projects and Initiatives
2:00-2:30pmSymposium III: Young Investigators Awards
2:30-3:00pmSymposium IV: Best Poster Awards
3:15-4:00pmWHO Awards Ceremony
4:00-4:20pmAFHC Awards Ceremony
4:20-4:45pmThe Best COVID-19 Global Community Project Awards & Global Photography Competition Announcement of results
4:45-5:00pmClosing Ceremony