Mental Health Under and Beyond COVID-19

Keynote Speaker:

  • Mr. Leong CHEUNG, Executive Director, Charities and Communities, The Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Dr. Martin VANDENDYCK, Technical Lead, Mental Health and Substance Use Division of Programmes for Disease Control, WHO Western Pacific 
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Session Chairman: 

  • Dr. Kitty WU Kit-ying, JP, Chairman, HK Institute of Clinical Psychologists

City Representative:

  • Dr. Siti Meriyam A Bakar, Medical Officer, Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Topic: The Effectiveness of Online Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (e-ACT) to Improve Psychological Wellbeing among University Students in Sarawak
  • Mr. Eric Cheng-Chan Shih, Tainan Healthy City Association. Topic: Effectiveness of follow-up care on the reduction of suicidal attempts in patients with OUD during the COVID-19 pandemic in Tainan
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