SDG Sustainable Cities and Climate Action Beyond COVID-19

Keynote Speaker:

  • Professor DU Xiang-wan, Deputy Director of National Energy Advisory Expert Committee, China

Session Chairman: 

  • Dr. William YU, Founder & CEO, the World Green Organisation

City Representatives:

  • Professor Andrew Kiyu, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University Malaysia Sarawak, and Honorary Advisor for Healthy City Kuching, Malaysia & Gillian Raja, Committee Member and rep to SDG CSO Alliance at Sarawak Women for Women Society. Topic: SDGS & Developing Healthy Cities: Time for a Reset
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  • CHANG Yung-Hsin, Section Chief, Chiayi City Healthy City Promotion Association. Topic: Low Carbon Emissions in Chiayi and Improvement of Community Carbon Reduction Actions
  • ISHIKAWA Ayana, Staff of the Promotion Office for Healthy City, Planning Department, Owariasahi City. Topic: Owariasahi City’s Efforts to Raise Awareness of SDGs and Take the Steps of Action
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  • Dr KUO Hsien-Wen, Professor of National Yang-Ming University; General Secretary of Alliance of Healthy Cities, Taiwan. Topic: Integrate SDGs concept into healthy city program in Taiwan
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