Supporting Organisations

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Hospital Authority醫院管理局


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Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff香港護士協會



College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong 




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Hong Kong Academy of Medicine香港醫學專科學院


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Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine Limited香港中西醫結合醫學會


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Hong Kong Association of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Nurses香港家庭醫學及基層健康護士協會




Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants' Association- Nurses Branch香港政府華員會 - 護士分會


Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association


Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association香港中華醫學會


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Hong Kong Chinese Meridian Ligamentous Chinese medical research Institute香港中華經筋醫學研究會



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Hong Kong College of Community Medicine香港社會醫學學院


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Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine 香港急症科醫學院


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Hong Kong College of Physicians香港內科醫學院



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Hong Kong College of Radiologists香港放射科醫學院


Hong Kong Dental Association


Hong Kong Dental Association Limited香港牙醫學會有限公司


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Hong Kong Doctors Union香港西醫工會


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Hong Kong Jingluo Medicine Association香港經絡醫學會


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Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association香港職業治療學會


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Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association香港物理治療學會


Medical Conscience 明鏡


Medical Conscience醫護誠信同行


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Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association現代化中醫藥國際協會


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Sin-Hua Herbalists' & Herb Dealers' Promotion Society Limited新華中醫中藥促進會有限公司


Society For Innovative Healthcare Hong Kong


Society For Innovative Healthcare Hong Kong香港創新醫療學會


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The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong香港外科醫學院


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The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians 香港家庭醫學學院
logoThe Hong Kong College of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists香港放射師學院有限公司


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The Hong Kong Medical Association香港醫學會


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The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society香港眼科學會




The Hong Kong Radiological Technologists' Association香港放射師學會


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The Institute of Chinese JingJinKe Professionalism



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The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong香港藥學會


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Caritas Institute of Higher Education明愛專上學院




HKCT Institute of Higher Education港專學院




Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education香港能仁專上學院


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Tung Wah College東華學院


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Haven of Hope Christian Service基督教靈實協會


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Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited香港聖公會福利協會有限公司


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Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association香港基督教女青年會




Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCIHK)國際青年商會香港總會







The Association of Hong Kong Professionals香港專業人士協會


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The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council鄰舍輔導會


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The Outstanding Young Persons Association傑出青年協會


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Kwai Tsing Safe Community and Healthy City Association葵青安全社區及健康城市協會


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Tsuen Wan Safe and Healthy Community Steering Committee荃灣安全健康社區督導委員會




Tuen Mun Healthy City Association Limited屯門健康城市協會有限公司


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Wong Tai Sin District Healthy and Safe City黃大仙區健康安全城市




Yuen Long District Healthy City Association Limited 元朗區健康城市協會有限公司