Traditional Chinese Medicine and other themes for COVID-19

Keynote speaker:

  • Ms Rowena Wong, Chief Manager of the Chinese Medicine Department of Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

Session Chairmen:

  • Dr. Yu Chau-leung EdwinHonorary President, Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-western Medicine
  • Mr Ming-Yen Wu, Taipei Healthy City Promotion Association. Topic: Happier & Healthier Aging Strategy in the Post-Pandemic Era- Example of Taipei Circuit Team for Sports Demonstration

City Representatives:

  • Mdm Rashidah binti Haji Bolhassan (PhD). Topic: Inclusive Vaccination for Marginalized Group: The Homeless
  • Dr Florince Christy, Council Member of Kota
  • Samarahan Municipal Council (KSMC). Topic: Safe city Community Project in Taman Samarindah housing estate, Kota Samarahan Municipal Council of Greater Kuching