Presenter 8: Living in leisure, with safe and smooth in traffic for elders-Tainan city, Taiwan

Presenter 8

An aging society not only changes the social demographic structure, but also has a direct impact on the transportation environment.To satisfy transportation demand of elders, it shall be unshirkable responsibility for the government of Tainan city to build up safe traffic environment and provide sound public transportation,;though remote areas account for 70% of the total area of Tainan City. No other destinations such as parks, hospitals, markets in elders’ daily life. To connect with their home and those places, by transportations, may be walking or biking in short distance, or taking bus in mid-long range. Therefore, public transportation and traffic environment is extremely important. Cross-Department cooperation through academic scholar, industry and government aims at three aspects: Public Transportation, Traffic Environment, Traffic Concept Advocacy, by initiating friendly bus identification system, furnishing high-quality waiting area, conforming with elders time and demand, taking care of elders in night activity…etc. Our bureau also invited elders to experience improvement plan above, and give us some valuable feedback and advisement. It brings a significant effect, which decrease 15% in fatal accident and continuously rising in elder ridership, after improvement plans been operated. We will keep apprehending the demand of local elders and do rolling review.