Presenter 8: Live Against The Age, Forever Young

Presenter 8

Initiated the course of "Live Against the Age, Forever Young " for local elderly, which features the intervention of health promotion activities.After participation in the course, the physical age index (fitness test) of the elderly can be 5 years younger

Integrate cross - sector resources to develop a health promotion model for local elderly.

(1)Community recruitment: recruit elders aged 65 years old or above from 20 communities.

(2)Pre-class consensus meetings: hold community and teacher consensus meetings.

(3)Course design: design courses according to assessed needs and lecturer's opinions.

(4)E-community: establish an e-community for sharing and ;exchange.

(5)Monitor system: establish a single window to assist in rewards, contact, sign in, exit, and other matters.

(6)Physical fitness test: entrust the Chiayi Industry Innovation and Research Center to carry out pre and post-testing, and provide perso;reports and exercise guidance.

(7)Reward mechanism: organize an appraisal of physical fitness (40%), attendance (50%), and instructor rating (10%), and grant public awards to the winners. In addition, create customized book bags to encourage the elderly to;read (Taiwanese).

(8)Media marketing: compile story collections and special reports, and hold press conferences to present achievements.

After participation, the overall physical age index (fitness test) of participants was 7 years younger than their actual;age, and 95.5% of the participants were satisfied with the course.

Through continuous promotion, this program can effectively reverse aging and promote social participation, which can in turn create active aging and the sense of happiness at home in Chiayi