Presenter 2: The Strategic Analysis of Establishing OLOCC (On-Line Operations Coordination Center) in Tainan City throughout COVID-19

Presenter 2

The strategic analysis of establishing OLOCC (On-Line Operations Coordi-nation Center) in Tainan city throughout COVID-19.;Background

In response to the cluster infection incidents in Taiwanese hospitals, people enter-ing the 36 district-level and above hospitals and 37 district health centers in Tai-nan City must first show their health insurance card to confirm their contact history, and expand the isolation measures for contacts re-lated to the cluster infection incident in the hospital.Therefore, OLOCC (On-Line Operations Coordination Center) was established.

OLOCC is an extension of the concept of On-Site Operations Coordination Center (OSOCC, On-Site Operations Coordination Center) in the United Nations disaster relief system. The 14 COVID-19 hospitals and epidemic prevention decision-making teams in this city Experts and the Southern District Control Center of the Disease Control Department formed a coordination center to discuss the COVID-19 emergency outbreak through online video.

Objectives: The main purpose of OLOCC is to grasp the actual situation of medical institutions, immediately announce relevant important policies to the hospital, and continue to conduct real-time scheduling and inventory of wards ;and manpower through this command center, and combine expert opinions to prevent and treat a large number of injuries or emerging infectious diseases. Re-spond quickly and effectively.

Methodology: On January 25, 2021, OLOCC was formally established.The online video software webex was used to conduct video conferences with all parties, collect the problems encountered by each hospital in real time, and dis-cuss with experts and scholars to propose solutions.

Observation:As of now on September 22, 2022, 9 video conferences have been held, discussing the following topics:COVID-19 vaccine delivery strategy, regulations for the resumption of business under the epidemic situation, hospital access control, and PCR screening before admission.Through the efforts of the coordination center, the number of confirmed cases in this city is 50 people, and the number of deaths is 0. Compared with other Liudu epidemic prevention results, the results are remarkable.

Conclusion: With OLOCC, the city can respond more effectively and quickly to the prevention and control of infectious diseases, so that the city can reliably prevent the spread of COVID-19;and achieve the goal of a low number of confirmed cases and no new confirmed cases.