Abstract 3 - Develop a happier and healthier community in Jinhua village (Tainan Healthy City Association)

Abstract 3

Develop a happier and healthier community in Jinhua village. Jinhwa is one village of the South District of Tainan City, Taiwan. The community has a population about 6,000, but it is a benchmark community in Tainan City. It has not only done a lot of rooted work in health, safety, environmental protection and public security, but also won a number of international awards (International Livable City, International Safe Community, etc.). COVID-19 began to cause a pandemic in 2019. So far, 235 million cases have been confirmed and more than 4.8 million people have died. Taiwan’s first COVID-19 case was confirmed in January 2020, and various epidemic prevention works were carried out across the country. With the experience of fighting against SARS in 2003, "national epidemic prevention" quickly entered the situation and stabilized the spread of the domestic epidemic. The Jinhwa community cooperates with the government’s epidemic prevention policy and makes full use of the community’s volunteers. In the early stage of epidemic prevention, the community purchased epidemic prevention materials and provides them to the public to assist everyone in their personal protection. At the same time, Jinhwa was concerned about the impact of the epidemic on everyone’s lives. Cooperating with the Taiwanese Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Association Jinhwa developed a questionnaire and visited the households to understand the personal preparedness for epidemic prevention and the issues related to health and safety. A total of 1,380 questionnaires were sent out and 1,192 were collected and analyzed by SPSS 22. The results indicated that most people were able to keep clean and avoided to visit the hospital, while the most difficulties were economic pressure and tension caused by the epidemic. In addition, due to the epidemic prevention, residents spent longer time at home, and occurred injuries increasingly. More attention should be paid.