Winners for Global Photography Competition Beyond COVID-19

Congratulations to the below winners of Global Photography Competition Beyond COVID-19!


image 10Topic: Love and Care
Name: Shin Ji Young
Origin: South Korea
Descirption: This trip was planned to soothe the tired mind of the family of patients who take care of mentally ill patients. Travel participants followed COVID-19 quarantine rules and encountered new appearances and minds of each other through various experiences such as aroma foot bath and cloth dyeing. Like the colorful raincoats worn in the drizzling weather, each person's feelings for each other are shining colorful.




First Runner Up:

image 18

Topic: Healthy Lifestyle
Name: Kelly Ngan
Origin: Hong Kong SAR
Descirption: Do what you love , with whom you love ;
Even a simple post, with full of passion and enjoyment!
Be yourself , be the sky , be the wind; be the one!
HK is a very lovely place where can provide a good venue for birthday celebration with the love , buddies or any happy occasion.


Second Runner Up:

image 21Topic: Healthy Lifestyle
Name: Celestine Lu
Origin: Singapore
Ever since covid-19, photography has become my new interest as I believe that it could capture precious moments that will never be forgotten. When there are times that I could go out for a quick jog, I would stroll around the streets and capture the things that I find interesting around me.  Photography can tell a story and it can also be a way to express ourselves.







image 22

Topic: Love and care
Name: Zoe Ong
Origin: Hong Kong SAR
Descirption: I haven't seen my family in Malaysia for almost 2 years now due to travel restrictions. The pandemic has certainly taught me to cherish our loved ones and cherish every second that we spend with our family members. I believe that we can fight through the pandemic together with love and care towards each other.



image 36

Topic: Love and care
Name: Marge Lu
Origin: Hong Kong SAR
Description: "A picture is worth a thousand words"  - During the time of covid, when my brother and my mom flew to Singapore, my grandma took care of me. Sometimes she would bring me out to go for a walk, to take a break from studying. We would have little conversations and there were times when she talked about her past and tears began to run down her face. During the few months, I spent quality time with my grandma and it has brought us closer. Covid-19 has taught me to cherish our loved ones and don't take everything for granted.



image 47

Topic: Healthy Lifestyle
Name: Eugene Lu
Origin: Hong Kong SAR
Descirption: During the epidemic,  it was a tough period of time when we had to stay at home to protect ourselves and others in the community from getting infected with the coronavirus. When the covid restrictions were eased, I went hiking with my family to reduce stress and step away from the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic.





image 54Topic: Healthy Lifestyle
Name: Elin Lu
Origin: Singapore
During the lockdown (circuit breaker) in Singapore, we were only allowed to go out to buy groceries. When I went out, I would take a few quick shots of the nature I see around me. It gave me energy and kept me going during the toughest times.







image 49

Topic: Love and Care
Name: Alvina Chan
Origin: Hong Kong SAR
Descirtion: Work from home with a curious baby in the house












image 50

Topic: Healthy Lifestyle
Name: Hung Kai Teresa Chan
Origin: Hong Kong SAR
Descirption: Our family staycation photo. Although we cannot travel overseas, we try to hang out with our kids and make them happy. More importantly, we would like our kids to maintain a healthy and lovely lifestyle .











image 51

Topic: Love and Care
Name: Pun Liong Lam
Origin: Singapore
Descirption: Covid-19 has affected all of us negatively  especially the way we communicate with one another. The change in communication causes a lack of social interaction for our seniors. Therefore, it is essential for us to interact and show our care and love for them to ensure that they are not left out or feel alone! ❤






image 52

Topic: Healthy Lifestyle
Origin: Taiwan
Descirption: To ensure that people can go outdoors feeling reassured to do exercise, tour and recreate, etc., and engage in activities that are beneficial to them mentally and physically with the impact of COVID-19 epidemic. Bike lanes have been constructed to develop a healthy environment of a healthy city. It is not only constructs infrastructure of the city, but also takes good care of the citizens’ physical and mental wellness.





image 53

Topic: Healthy Lifestyle
Name: Shin Ji Young
Origin: South Korea
Descirption: In the era of COVID-19, it's hard to exercise due to social distancing. Obesity and depression increased due to reduced activity. So a small number of people gathered and started walking with proper distance. This picture shows us busy today between social distancing and exercise in line with the With Corona situation.