Recap of Day 2 Webinar Room 3 – Morning Session

Healthy cities require professional input from architects to build livable and sustainable environment. The conference features “City Design and Sustainable Environment” in today’s morning session, with keynote speaker, Ar. Donald CHOI Wun-hing, President, The HK Institute of Architects & The HK Institute of Urban Design.

Mr Choi analysed the carbon emission sources in Hong Kong are mostly from electricity, transport, and waste. Based on the environmental issues, he suggested 4 major decarbonization strategies, namely net-zero electricity generation, energy saving and green buildings, green transport, and waste reduction. In terms of city design, he emphasised on people-centric concept with all people being respected, prosperity with economic benefits delivered in equitable manner and planet with environmental considerations in mind. He then suggested humanizing city design in a healthy city which will seek to improve a city’s living conditions, such as decent living space and addressing community needs for its citizens.