Mechanism for the Best COVID-19 Global Community Project Awards

TEN “Best COVID-19 Global Community Project Awards” for the ten presentations with the highest scores.


Judging panel


Comprising representatives from the academia, professionals and experts in relevant fields and sectors is formed to appraise the abstracts based on a set of agreed criteria.

This stage will decide which 15-17 abstracts will be selected for oral presentation but will not contribute to the total scores.


Conference Participants' Online Voting


Voting by conference participants solely will decide the TEN winners of the “Best COVID-19 Global Community Project Awards.



  • The respective candidates will be invited for oral presentation in Symposium II.

  • If any of the candidates cannot conduct the oral presentation, the one with the next highest score will be invited.

  • If more than one candidate submits abstracts on COVID-19 community projects related to a single country or administrative region, only the candidate with the highest score attained from the judging process of the judging panel will have a chance to give an oral presentation in the conference.

  • All conference participants can vote for their favourite oral presentations after listening to all the presentations in Symposium II.

  • Voting will take place during and close shortly after Symposium II.

  • Each participant can vote for a maximum of TEN presentations through an online platform.

  • For the weighting of the total score of each oral presentation, it will solely be made up of the voting results of conference participants.