Global Photography Competition Beyond COVID-19 (Full Details)


The China Hong Kong Chapter (CHKC) of the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) consists of a network of passionate people who dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in putting health high on the social, economic and political agenda of our government. We are working closely with our Hong Kong Government especially the Food and Health Bureau to achieve our goals.  The “CHKC Global Photography Competition Beyond COVID-19” aims to showcase the varied scenes of “Love and Care” and “Healthy Lifestyle” during the pandemic.  The competition is open to the public across the world to create a global portrait of the inspirational moment that captures the positive energy through a series of images. The top TWELVE images will be featured in the CHKC 2022 Calendar and the winners will receive it when it is ready.

The CHKC is a non‐governmental organisation which has been established in September 2007 in Hong Kong to take forward the Healthy Cities approach initiated by the World Health Organization.  It is based on the concept that the social, economic and physical environment is the key to the health of the city dwellers and aims to cope with health issues that have emerged with urbanization.

AFHC will be hosting the 9th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities during 3rd – 5th November, 2021.  The main theme of the conference is “Smarter Healthy Cities Beyond COVID‐19 (Webinar)” with sub‐themes: Age‐friendly Cities, The Prevention and Control of Communicable and Non‐Communicable Diseases, Urban Health & the Environment, and Risk Communication etc.

Besides having mayors, practitioners, academics and other distinguished leaders in the related disciplines to speak and share in the three-day program, we are planning to launch a Global Photography Competition Beyond COVID-19 which invites the general public to submit their photographs capturing the human impact of COVID-19 in its myriad forms.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has made a global catastrophic situation that caused millions of deaths.  The pandemic has affected all areas of our lives, with countries and cities getting into lockdowns and lives pulled to a standstill.  Overcoming COVID-19 has become a challenge for billions of people all across the globe regardless of their occupation or social status.

When battling such a global pandemic, it’s easy to lose our hopes and brood over the negative side effects of any event.  But every coin has two faces.  With the bad comes the good, it’s true that even this current scenario has some positive impacts.  

Through this Global Photography Competition Beyond COVID-19, we encourage awareness of those positive human impacts of COVID-19 anywhere in the world and helping to document them via images.  Maybe, COVID-19 gives us the opportunity to rethink our lives and livelihoods.

The Awards

Awards will be given to the top three best photographs and Nine Merit Award winners

Top PhotographsHK$3,000, CHKC 2022 calendar and Award Certificate
Second Best PhotographsHK$2,000, CHKC 2022 calendar and Award Certificate
Third Best PhotographsHK$1,000, CHKC 2022 calendar and Award Certificate
Nine Merit Award winnersCHKC calendar and the Award Certificate


How to participate

Please submit the photo online by October 25, 2021 (Wednesday) - 11:59 pm (Hong Kong time).  A confirmation will be sent out to the Entrants upon submission of their entry.

The photo can be made with a camera or a smartphone (high resolution – minimum pixel requested: 2048 x 1536 px).

The photo should be accompanied by:

  • a description of no more than 80 words giving context and background (in English); 
  • biographical information about the Entrant (name, country, contact details etc.)
  • all text accompanying entries must be submitted in English (for non-English entries a translation in English must be provided).

Entry Requirements

  • Each photo comprises a single image, not a collage or photography series;
  • The photo must be the Entrant’s own original work, created solely by the Entrant;
  • Entrants have the permission of all persons depicted in the photo to submit it/them and to grant us the rights described;
  • The photo does not infringe upon any third party’s proprietary or other rights;
  • The photo must not actively promote or advertise a particular product, brand or organisation or contain or reference any products, brands or organisation, except where such references are made for the purpose of raising awareness on the human impact of COVID-19;
  • Any photo that is lewd, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, disparaging, defamatory, libellous, or any photo that otherwise contains inappropriate content or objectionable material may not be submitted and may be removed at any time in our sole and unfettered discretion; and
  • Each Entrant must declare and guarantee that the photo and accompanying description are original and have been conceived and developed legitimately, through text, data, images and information collected and used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Grant of Rights

  • By entering this competition, Entrants grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to use, edit, post, store, copy, transmit, publicly display, reproduce, enlarge, publish or exhibit, on any media, in whole or in part, the photo in relation to the Award or for any other reasonable purpose;
  • By submitting photos, Entrants give CHKC full right to project the images during the 9th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities as well as on its website, other media, social media and any other tools or materials as deemed appropriate by CHKC; and
  • We will endeavor to ensure that name credits are given to Entrants for any photo published in any medium; however failure by us or any third party to accord such credit shall not give rise to any liability to any person.


Please click here for online submission of abstracts