Presenter 7: A Needs Analysis of sustainable development goals for Taipei healthy city

Presenter 7

Background: Taipei City actively responded to the 2016 “Shanghai Declaration on promoting health” and published the “Voluntary Local Review” (VLR) report, linking to UN 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in 2019. By assessing the use of SDGs at the city level, achieving the UN SDGs by promoting health through improving urban environmental management.

Objectives: From Taipei citizens’ perspective, this research aims to analyze their self-perceived needs on the priority of municipal promotion linking to SDGs, and to compare the counterparts of the VLR report.

Methodology: This study reviewed the on-going public policy issues in each bureau, and used 17 SDGs as a frame to formulate structured questions about “the degree to which SDG needs resolving”. After a high reliability and validity test, we conducted a random sampling questionnaire survey on 1,340 people over the age of 20, with a completion rate of 100%, and performed statistical analyses.


1. Among the 67 action plans monitored by Taipei healthy city, five plans that met citizens’ expectations will prioritize the development of SDGs (including SDG3, SDG6, SDG8, SDG11, SDG16), while there are three consistent with the seven priority SDGs in the VLR report of 2019 (SDG3, SDG6, SDG7, SDG11, SDG12, SDG13 and SDG17). 

2. Citizens from all administrative districts of Taipei City look forward to "continuously improving the quality of drinking water in public places so that citizens can drink directly",;"continuously reducing emissions from various sources of pollution to improve air quality", and "powerful law enforcement with intelligent technology to ban waste dumping and monitor the emission of hazardous chemicals". In addition, there are significant differences in the priority projects of SDGs in various administrative regions after adjusting the socio-demographic factors.

Conclusion: Promoting Taipei healthy city shall include the needs of the communities. In addition to ensuring the original priority development goals, don’t neglect to “promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”, and to “enhance scam cases prevention to improve peace, and sound justice”. In addition, upon managing local communities, a diversified priority plan should implement to respond the voices from local residents.