Presenter 3: No Distance between Health and Nutrition

Presenter 3

No Distance between Health and Nutrition

Background: Tainan City entered into an elderly society in 2018. The problems arising from aging include nutritional and physical insufficiency, chronic diseases, deterioration of body functions, and even disability. Nutrition can promote the health of the elderly. Improving the diet and nutritional status of the elderly will help reduce the elder-ly’s illness, weakness, bed rest and disability.

Objective:Improve the Community Nutritional Care System to improve the nutritional status of individuals and groups, so as to prevent diseases and delay debilitating, and implement healthy aging in Tainan.


(1) Establish the Community Nutrition Promotion Center to link community re-sources to promote community nutrition in Tainan City.

(2) Establish the Community Nutrition Education Eemonstration Stations, and hold a series of group nutrition courses.

(3) Use the Mini Nutritional Assessment Scale (MNA) to screen and evaluate the elderly, and provide nutritional counseling services on individual nutritional status.

(4) Counseling meals in Community Care Stations and surrounding restaurants.

(5) Training community nutrition care assistants.

(6) Develop innovative teaching materials suitable.

(7) Expose community nutrition through the media.

(8) Investigate the health status and nutritional cognition of people in the community.

(9) Hold exchange activities to improve skills.


(1) 70 Community Nutrition Education Eemonstration Stations have been established.

(2) Elderly people over 65 participate a series of group nutrition courses more than 5000 times per year.

(3) Community people have participated in nutrition risk screening and assess-ment more than 40,000 times so far. About 200 people are at risk of malnutri-tion, and their nutritional status can be improved through nutrition counseling with dietitians.

(4) Counsel more than 100 Community Care Stations and surrounding restaurants to provide healthy meals.

(5) More than 400 participation times per year for community nutrition care assistants to improve nutrition awareness.

Application: It has gradually established a Community Nutrition Promotion Model in Tainan City since 2017.The way to sustainably operate the Community Care Stations is providing healthy meals and organizing various activities.Residents can continue to eat and live together, learn from each other, and be-come a big family in the community.