Abstract 7 - Enabling, ensuring and empowering uninterrupted safe provision of healthcare with community mesh network and telehealth (ActiveCarePharmacy)

Abstract 7

Enabling and empowering uninterrupted safe provision of healthcare with community mesh network and telehealth; Everyone panicked of insufficient protective material. Hong Kong’s terrible ageing population on polypharmacy creates far too many adverse drug events results in frequent unnecessary readmission, burdening our public hospitals. Underprivileged home-bound elders who have difficulties access healthcare suffer more. We utilize telehealth to connect and leverage workforce while ensuring sufficient preventions to control spreading of Covid, to alleviate the physical and mental stress of already-overworked healthcare workers, esp those in long-term care homes (LTCHs);We derived and executed immediately, simultaneously, and continuously:

1. Fit the workplace with adequate sterilization gears; hygienic environment with zero sick leave for 2 years.

2. Provide staff and co-workers with sufficient protection and knowledge; they can educate their families and friends on proper prevention and vaccination.

3. Set up Telehealth hotline with our team of doctor, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, and social workers to support our staff and clients; answered over 1,000 calls, some demanded family helpers to buy food or look after kids.

4. Encourage staff to vaccinate with $1,000 bonus plus a day off work; All but 2 staff who have high stroke risk are fully vaccinated.

5. Manufacture over 10 million surgical masks accredited to be ASTM Level-3, donated over 1 million to the underprivileged together with alcohol rub and wipes.

6. Support drug adherence for frail elderly with eDrugAdmin® APP and Telehealth.

7. Promote mental health with iPad loan program at work; staff love it and learnt sharing and responsibility.

8. Bring smiles to a thousand mothers on Mother’s Day with lucky bags of flowers, moisturizers, food vouchers, sanitizers, and masks; saw many smiles some had never received flowers before.

9. Government recognized our eDrugAdmin® as paperless recording, awarded ActiveCareSolutions® electronic comprehensive Home Management System (nursing, drugs, activities, briefing, alert, and reminder) for funding.

10. Facilitated video visits while physical contact impossible.