Abstract 6 - YMCA Tele-Health Community Programme in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association)

Abstract 6

YWCA Tele-health community programme in Hong Kong

Objective: COVID-19 make difficult on the traditional healthcare services model. Face to face interaction is highly limited and the healthcare service model is critically challenged. Tele-rehabilitation seems to be one of the ways the current model can go.

Content: CASPAR Tele-health is added in the one-stop rehabilitation program, which contains intensive day and home rehabilitation. It is a remote rehabilitation platform including more than 1000 clinical exercise, seminars and health education videos.

Results:  The older adults’ physical, cognitive, functional ability, independence and quality of life were significantly improved. The focus group with caregivers indicated that the programme reduced the caregiving burden of working caregivers. 

Application: As of the outbreak of Covid-19, YWCA was farsighted to have introduced tele rehab in current healthcare services model. Tele-health has its own advantages. Complementary equipment and services are needed to facilitate the tele-health service.