Abstract 5 - Implementationi of Preventive and Control Measures of COVID-19 (GOODWELL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITED)

Abstract 5

Implementation of Preventive and Control Measures of COVID-19 in Jubilee Garden which Located at Fo Tan, Shatin, Hong Kong

Goodwell Property Management Limited as the Property Manager of Jubilee Garden has the duties to protect all our residents, the visitors and the working staff in safe environment at all times.For tackling the risks of Jubilee Garden, risk assessment for the whole estate had been carried out by our site special team headed by the Senior Property Manager in early 2020. It was concluded that workplaces, common areas and facilities could be the high-risk environments for COVID-19 outbreaks and subsequent community transmission. To safeguard the health of our residents, the Services Centre had implemented the following precautionary measures to raise the hygienic level of the housing estate.

1. To Increase the frequency for cleaning and disinfection of common areas and facilities up to daily basis

2. To place disinfected carpet and alcohol-based hand rub in tower lobbies

3. To implement visitor control measures for prevention of the disease such as requesting visitor to wear surgical masks and to disinfect hands or shoes before entering the main lobby

4. To provide sufficient masks to all site staff, also full PPE (i.e., masks, goggles, gloves, work clothes) for medium/high-risk jobs, such as security guards and cleaners

5. To add physical plastic boards on the table of each tower counter to help staff avoid physical contact

6. To prepare posters and notices on all issues related to protection from COVID-19. All residents had also been advised to take the preventive measures to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene

7. To set up separate back up team for mitigating the risk of vacating our working team in the Property Services Centre

8. To assist Department of Health for setting up testing booths at G/F Basketball Court of Jubilee Garden for the free and compulsory testing within 2 hours, if requested

9. To apply nano-light silver coating technology in housing estates. For effectiveness, we always need to work in hand with the residents of whole estate to fight against the pandemic on the above preventive measures.