Abstract 10 - Anti-epidemic Measures adopted by Residential Development (The Palazzo Guest Service Centre, MTR Corporation Limited)

Abstract 10

Anti-epidemic Measures adopted by Residential Development, The Palazzo

2020 was a challenging year for the world, the COVID-19 outbreak changed the lives of many, ranging from wearing masks to maintaining social distance. The Guest Service Centre (GSC) cooperated with Incorporated Owners of The Palazzo was committed to safeguarding the health of residents, the public, contractors, and employees by providing a clean and hygiene environment. The GSC’s staff showed their professionalism and perseverance in this uneasy time.

The following were anti-epidemic measures adopted by the GSC in the estate to fight against the pandemic:
(1). Estate disinfection frequency was increased and contactless thermo scanners were adopted to scrutinize the body temperature.
(2). Temporary food order self-pick up zones were set up to avoid social contact.
(3). Promotion and education of personal hygiene were strengthened to enhance estate stakeholders’ anti-pandemic knowledge.
(4). Using new technology like photocatalyst coating treatment for common facilities and autonomous cleaning robot to enhance disinfection and cleaning.
(5). Introduction of new mobile app “mtrPropertyM” to disseminate instant COVID-19 messages to the residents to ease their worries & uncertainties.
(6). Proactively organizing online activities for residents after the closure of clubhouse.
(7). Using innovative idea for holding estate Annual General Meeting including setting up of transparent partitions in the venue and using audio/ video conference technology simultaneously for participants to ensure social distance.
(8). Upon receiving the notifications of suspected case from the Department of Health, Special Sterilization Taskforce was deployed with full protective gears to conduct comprehensive disinfection work including fogging to common areas within a short period of time.
(9). Prompt responses on manpower arrangement with different contractors for resumption of estate’s facilities according to the Department of Health’s periodical policy review.

As a conclusion, with global and open-minded mindset the GSC adopted new measures found in the market and suggested by Incorporated Owners & residents in combatting COVID-19. All GSC staffs had taken ownership of the estate’s stakeholders’ health and hygiene and had done everything they could to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ease the anxiety of the residents. The GSC was highly recognized from the residents for proactive, prompt, selfless and caring management during the pandemic.